Castles of England/East Riding of Yorkshire

There are four castles of note in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Notes (Key)
Flamborough Castle Fortified Manor House 130114th century Fragmentary ruins Private Building At Risk.
Paull Holme Tower Tower House 140115th century Ruins Private Originally part of larger house, roofless.
Skipsea Castle Motte and Bailey 100111th century Earthworks EH Well-preserved earthworks.
Wressle Castle Quadrangular castle 13901390 Ruins Private, farm Originally moated site, largely demolished 1650, south range remains, inhabited until gutted by fire in 1796.

Flamborough Castle edit

Flamborough Castle

Flamborough Castle is a ruined a medieval fortified manor house. It is located in Flamborough a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire on the prominent coastal feature of Flamborough Head.

Paull Holme Tower edit

Paull Holme Tower

Paull Holme Tower is a late-medieval period fortified tower. It is part of a rectangular, moated enclosure near the village of Paull dating from the beginning of the 15th century. The tower is three storeys high, each floor having a single chamber, the whole protected by a portcullis. There has been debate as to the purpose of the site - in part the fortification resembles the more northern pele towers, although alternatively the tower may have been built to give luxury accommodation overlooking the River Humber that runs nearby, similar to some properties built near King's Lynn.

Skipsea Castle edit

Skipsea Castle

Skipsea Castle is a Norman Motte and Bailey castle located south of Bridlington. All that remains visible today are the earthworks, having been destroyed by the order of Henry III. The castle was built around 1086, in the years following the Norman Conquest by Drogo de la Bouerer, the First Earl of Holderness, in order to defend against Viking raids.

In the 13th century, William de Froz II, Lord of Holderness rebelled against the king. As a result, in 1221 William de Froz II was excommunicated and Skipsea Castle was destroyed. Eventually, William de Froz II reconciled with King Henry III in 1227. Skipsea Castle was returned to William de Froz II, but without any defences.

Wressle Castle edit

Wressle Castle

Wressle Castle is a quadrangular castle located in Wressle. The castle was built c.1380 - 1390 by Sir Thomas Percy. The castle was garrisoned by Parliament during the English Civil War and was largely demolished by an act of Parliament in 1650 as a precaution against future use in any further conflict. A fire gutted the remaining south range of the castle in 1796.