Card and Magic Tricks/Sleight of Hand Tricks

Magic, as a whole, employs many devices, both real and other to accomplish its effects on spectators. Sleights (alternatively referred to as sleight of hand) is a term which implies hiding, placing, obscuring or moving or switching an object or objects into or out of ones hands unbeknownst to onlookers. Customarily, professional magicians use sleight of hand readily to accomplish their effects.

A list of sleights used in close-up magic edit

One simple move in card magic is called the double lift. A double lift involves the performer seemingly lifting the top card from a deck of cards, when he actually picks up two cards and shows the lowest card as one. When used with proper patter, this sleight has many powerful advantages for the performer.

To perform a double lift, simply make a 'break' between the second card from the top of the deck and the remainder of the cards—generally using your little finger...this should be done very casually, while talking. Turn over both cards, handling their edges to portray the illusion that you've merely turned over the top card of the deck. Put them back on the deck, and put the top card in the middle of the deck, then 'snap' over the cards, and show the new top card, which is the original card. David Blaine has used this on his television show.

A good way to make this move is to use a Wizard pack (one with tapered cards—also knowns as a Stripper deck) and have the reversed tapered card 2nd from the top. This is useful if you have small hands or find it hard to insert a finger without anyone seeing.