Card and Magic Tricks/Marked decks

What is a marked deck? edit

A marked deck is a deck of cards with multiple, secretive marks on each card. They are used in card and mentalism tricks by magicians. The marks are used to identify the card from the backside. There are different types of marks, and some are used for different tricks.

Types of marks edit

The types of marks can vary with size, shape, and ways to read them. Some can only be used with special glasses, and others simply utilize a system of special symbols to specify the card. Most marked decks are provided with instructions for the performer.

Names and online seller links edit

Juiced cards are marked with special markers or paste, and can be found at online magic stores. They can be found at [1]. They are commonly used because of their invisibility to laymen. A commonly used marked deck is The Boris Wild Marked Deck.

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