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Various web browsers on Android support various kinds of web apps; e.g., Chrome's packaged apps or Firefox's Open Web Apps. These are also forms of HTML web apps but may have more permissions than the web apps discussed in this wikibook. The iOS web apps discussed in chapter Getting Started with iOS Web Apps are very similar to the HTML5 specification for offline web applications; thus, they should work with most web browsers on Android without changes, even though some features (e.g., hiding the browser interface) might be missing.

Installing a web app on an Android device depends on the web browser. With some browsers, you would open the web app, bookmark it, then tap the new bookmark until a menu pops up, and select “Add shortcut to Home.” This should install the web app on the device and add its icon to the home screen. After installation you should start the web app once from the home screen while the device is still online before starting it offline.

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