Canne de Combat/WhatIsCDC

What is Canne de Combat?Edit

Canne de combat is a French martial art that uses a weapon, the canne, which looks like a straight walking stick and is approximately 1m in length.

There is another weapon, that is used during the training, and it's the baton, a kind of quarterstaff.

The players of Canne de Combat are called cannists (whom are working with the canne), tireurs (firers) or batonists (whom are working with the staff). Sometimes we refer to Canne de Combat as Canne.

Canne is not just a martial art, but a sport, including free sparring with the stick, and competitions. During the sparring a padded suit and a fencing mask are worn for protection. There are rounds, time limits, scoring, and so on, we will talk about it later.