Canne de Combat/Defense

Canne défense is a new part of Canne de Combat. There is stick defense in the French martial arts, but it is now joined with savate défense, so, its name is "savate et bâton défense".

The goal of canne défense is to give ability of canne de combat players to defend themselves on the street using the stick used in canne. The assumption is that a canne player walks from the training to home, and he gets insulted by one or more not-so-gentle means. His first reaction should be evade the situation, but sometimes to evade, or to run away is not an option (somebody to defend, no place to run, etc.) In this situation he uses what he has with, and it is the canne stick.

There are many techniques described in different books and videos, but, we have to be sceptical with them: they are perhaps not tested under stress, too complicated to use them in a fight situation, or are simply based on the cooperation of the partner.

So, we have to use our common sense to decide, if a technique in a specific situation is worth, we have to setup different scenarios, try the techniques in controlled fights (with resisting people and using protective equipments), and only if the proved to working, should we say: ok, this technique is good.

Canne into the handEdit

So, we see, that here will be some trouble. Most of us carry a pack of sticks (5-6 different stick, perhaps a bâton) tied together, and packed into a bag. How can we access our weapon, how can we be sure, that the others won't be able to use our weapons against us (this can be happen, when we simply drop the other sticks).

I would like to ask everybody, to post his comments/ideas about it.

My idea is to tie the bag with a quick tie method, so, using only one movement, the sticks will be free, and ready to use.