Canne de Combat/Attacks


There are six standardized attacks in Canne de Combat. They are:

  • Brisé
  • Croisé téte
  • Latéral croisé
  • Latéral extérieur
  • Enlevé
  • Croisé bas


Croisé téteEdit

Latéral croiséEdit

Latéral extérieurEdit


Croisé basEdit

Requirements for attacksEdit

There are some requirements for every attack to be valid. An attack is valid, if it is done with a valid technique (means one of the standardized attacks), and accomplishes the following requirements:

  • Every strike must be armed
  • The hit is clear
  • The hit reached a valid target zone
  • The hit is done with the upper 1/4 part of the stick
  • The stick is in one line with the hand
  • There was no sabring movement