Canadian Refugee Procedure/Provisions of the IRPA concerning refugees

Subject Legislative Reference
Objectives and application of the IRPA as concerns refugees A2, A3
The right of the Minister of PSEP or IRCC to intervene at the RPD A170
Definition of refugee protection A95(1)
Definition of protected person A95(2)
Definition of person in need of protection A97
Definition of Convention Refugee A96
Exclusion from the definition of refugee or of person in need of protection A98
Application for refugee protection A99
Eligibility of refugee protection claim A100, A102
Grounds of ineligibility A101
Suspension of a refugee protection claim by the RPD A103
Notice of ineligibility at the RPD A104
Extradition procedure A105
Undocumented claimants A106
Determination on refugee claims by the RPD A107(1)
No credible basis A107(2)
Determination of manifestly unfounded refugee claims (MUC) by the RPD A107.1
Cessation of refugee protection A108, A40.1
Vacation of refugee protection A109, A40(1)(c)
Designated countries of origin by Minister (DCO) A109.1
Appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) from the RPD A110
Loss of permanent resident status A46
Inadmissibility standard of proof A33
Inadmissibility for security reasons A34
Inadmissibility for violation of human or international rights A35
Inadmissibility for serious criminality A36
Inadmissibility for organized criminality A37
Inadmissibility report A44
Admissibility hearing by the Immigration Division A45, A172 and A173
Pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA) A112 to A116[1]


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