Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Cases/Theft

Under $5,000 edit

General edit

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Prowse 1998 CanLII 18024 (NL CA) discharge offender stole a generator--appealed $500 fine
R. v. C.C. [2012] N.J. No. 121 (P.C.) Suspended lengthy related record

Shoplifting edit

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Reid 2012 CanLII 25696 (NL PC) 2 month CSO offender stole clothing on two dates--prior related record with prior CSO
R. v. D.W.J. 2012 BCPC 15 12 months CSO also charged with 5 breaches; over 100 prior convictions
R. v. McLeod 2007 YKTC 39 9 mo after 2 mo remand lengthly property-related record; unhelpful PSR; 6 thefts; 1 possession; 1 breach; theft to support habit
R. v. Hartz 2002 ABCA 108 18 mo defraud employer of $123,860; none recovered
R. v. Schell 2002 ABQB 382 and 2002 ABQB 439 discharge possession of stolen property; stereo equipment
R. v. Whitemanleft 2000 ABPC 68 3mo after remand possess doctors’ prescription forms; $300+ merchandise
R. v. Dahlin 1992 CanLII 1204 6 mo 5 thefts; long but dated criminal record; original judge gave 12 months

Breach of Trust (incl. Theft from Employer) edit

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Edmunds 2012 NLCA 26 discharge guard at jail steals from employer--diagnosed with depression
R v Bjarnason 2011 CanLII 67010 (MBCA) 4 mo CSO 18 year old; no record; $4,250.56 stolen from employer
R. v. Sutherland [2011] N.J. No. 64 (P.C.) 4 month CSO theft from employer

Over $5,000 edit

Case Citation Sentence Amount Summary
Downey v. R. 2012 NBCA 78 (CanLII) 15 months stolen tractor worth $66k
R. v. Keeping 2012 CanLII 17398 discharge husband exercised self-help to property he wanted from ex-wife
R. v. Magas 2012 ABCA 61 9 months $34,545 offender was employed to collect rents, stole rent money-judge rejected an 18 month CSO recommendation. CA upheld it.
R. v. Moore 2012 ONCA 763 (CanLII) 3 years theft of a motor vehicle, valued over $5,000.

Theft from Employer edit

Case Citation Sentence Amount Summary
R. v. Perez 2012 ABCA 393 (CanLII) 12 months $116,000 $49k not recovered. History of gambling addiction. Overturn sentence of 2 year less a day CSO.
R. v. McIntosh 2012 ONCJ 216 discharge RIM employee steals 12 blackberry phones
R. v. Suhr [2002] O.J. No. 4315 (C.A.) 6 months theft over; employee of bell Canada stole a quantity of telephones from Bell over one year; money used to support gambling addiction
R v Bennett (1990), 96 N.S.R.(2d) 121 (NSCA) 6 months $5,743 offender guilty of theft from employer over 1 month-- no record, age 23--under stress at time--appeal from 18 month sentence--CA says breach of trust requires jail

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