Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Cases/Possession of Stolen Property

Possession Under $5,000 edit

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Sagoo 2008 BCCA 41 6 months possession stolen car

Possession Over $5,000 edit

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Soldat 2012 MBCA 39 15.5 months
R. v. McBain 2012 ABCA 104 3 years possession stolen property over $5,000--long criminal record
R. v. Brown 2010 NSPC 38 (CanLII) 1 year Offender was participating in relatively sophisticated "chop shop" operation. Found 12 stolen vehicles valued at roughly $400,000. Offender had dated unrelated record.
R. v. McCaskill 2008 ABCA 202 12 months CSO poss'n stolen stolen computer equipment valued at $19-26,000.
R. v. Banks 2005 ABCA 55 3.5 years Offender convicted of 8 counts possession of stolen property of car parts. Offender was involved in sophisticated "chop shop". Offender fled prior to sentencing also stole a vehicle in process. Offender had a prior related record. Also given 6 months for failing to attend court.
R. v. Kravchov [2002] O.J. No. 2172 2 years Offender found in possession of 5 stolen vehicles. He was involved with sophisticated international car theft organization. Offender had prior related record. Extra credit due to extreme remand conditions arising from public service strike.