Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Cases/Extortion

Case Citation Sentence Summary
R. v. Violette 2013 BCCA 31 (CanLII) 4 years Offender also sentenced for possession of firearm (2 years). He was a member of the Hells Angels criminal organization.
R. v. Ste. Marie 2009 ABCA 177 15 months
R. v. Vonhiltgen 2007 BCSC 601 9 months extortion
R. v. Rode 2007 ABCA 393 2 years less a day CSO also charged with assault , unlawful confinement; Joint Rec sentence
R. v. R.L.B. (1992), 131 A.R. 216 (Alta C.A.) 9 months age 47; offender threatened to publish sexually explicit photographs of his ex-wife to extort forgiveness of child support; appealed from 2 years; images acquired through trust
R. v. Li (Y.H.) (1996), 184 A.R. 395 (Alta. C.A.) 2.5 years offender threatened serious bodily harm and death to the complainant, his wife and child, over 1.5 years, in order to extort $22,000; offender claimed to legitimately be owed the money.
 R. v. Adrian 2001 ABPC 40 4.5 years offender entered the hotel room of the victim and demanded $700 owed for drugs;  The offender and an accomplice took the victim to where they might get money; at each location, the victim was beaten for failing to get the money; victim taken back to hotel, beat him and stabbed him in hand