Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Cases/Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Dangerous Operation

Case Citation Sentence Comments
R v Grenke 2012 ABQB 198 4.5 years also convicted of driving causing bodily harm
R. v. Sparkes 2011 CanLII 72480 (NL PC) [1] 6 months
R. v. Jacobs 2011 CanLII 80634 (NL PC) [2] 6 months CSO dangerous driving; driving while prohibited; drove snowmobile into a car
R v Tapper [2009] NJ No 166 (SC) 20 months two counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm--while impaired got into accident harming two others--on probation at time
R v Bennett [2007] NJ No 132 (PC) 6 months offender drove into a gravel pit at high speed, hit embankment, injured passenger--3 year driving prohibition
R. v. Smith [2007] N.J. No. 312 (P.C.) 6 months speeding and impaired; passengers suffered broken bones, etc. 2 year driving prohibition.
R. v. Warren 2003 CanLII 68641 (NL SCTD), (2003), 222 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 270 (N.L.S.C.) $3,000 3 x dangerous driving causing bodily harm. While speeding, vehicle went into ditch. Three passengers injured. 15 month driving prohibition also imposed
R. v. Matchim 2000 CanLII 28401 (NL SCTD), (2000), 197 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 99 (N.L.S.C.), $3000 guilty plea DD causing BH; two of three passengers ATV driven by the accused injured. No record. Joint recommendation.
R. v. Blackmore (1996), 140 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 56 (N.L.S.C.) $3000 driving 105km/hr in a 60 zone; lost control of vehicle and passenger "seriously injured."

Causing Death

Case Citation Sentence Comments
R. v. Carleton 2012 MBPC 54 (CanLII) 30 days kills young pedestrian
R. v. Morgan Taylor 2012 CanLII 42053 (NL PC) 36 months
R v Wallace 2012 MBCA 54 2 years less a day CSO
R. v. Smith 2012 ONSC 3089 life police chased one death and multiple injuries
R v Hodder 2012 CanLII 24230 (NLPC) 30 months also convicted of causing bodily harm (18 months)--3 and 5 year driving prohibition
R. v. Christink 2012 ONCA 141 2 years less a day dangerous diriving causing death to two persons; CSO rejected as unfit
R v Butterfield 2012 SKPC 11 9 months dangerous operation of a plane causing death; no alcohol involved
R v Regier [2011] OJ No 3749 6 years two young people were killed
R v Marona (2011) 3 MVR (6th) 6 (ABQB) 2 years offender convicted of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and death--hit another vehicle head-on, killing other driver, injuring passenger--7 years driving prohibition
R v Chikie [2011] AJ No 843 (QB) 10 months offender was speeding on a motorcycle, lost control and passenger was killed--5 year driving prohibition
R v Charles [2011] BCJ No 526 (CA) 3 years offender was impaired by alcohol, drove into a pole while turning a corner killing two passengers
R v Junkert [2010] OJ No 3387 (CA) 5 years offender was impaired while driving and hit a pedestrian
R. v. Brake [2008] N.J. No. 320 (S.C.) 14 months accused drove through a stop sign and collided with another vehicle, killing one occupants and seriously injuring the other.   Three year driving prohibition imposed.
R. v. Berg 2007 BCCA 343 5.5 years street racing, causing death
R. v. Woloshyn 2006 BCCA 343 4 years prior record, alcohol in work, causing death
R. v. Synard (2006), 257 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 341 (N.L.S.C.) 18 months Offender lost control of car, one passenger injured, suffering broken bones, the other was killed. 5 year driving prohibition
R v Coombs [2004] NJ No 162 (SC) 12 months offender driving an ATV and hit two pedestrians
R. v. Bhalru 2003 BCCA 645 2 years less a day CSO causing death
R v Ford [2003] OJ No 3363 (ONCA) 3 years convicted of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and death--offender drove through red light hitting another car, killing one and injuring another
R v Murphy [1997] NJ No. 143 (CA) $3,000 fine offender was driving on an unsafe road, passenger thrown from vehicle and died--18 month driving prohibition
R v Thuma (1997) 27 MVR (3d) 157 (BCCA) 6 months offender was convicted of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and death--speeding and hit another car--overturn suspended sentence
R v Duncan (1994) 3 MVR (3d) 133 (PEICA) 2 years less a day offender convicted of criminal negligence causing death--offender drove vehicle through stop sign and hit another vehicle, killing driver
R v Mosher (1994) 3 MVR (3d) 35 (PEISC) 12 months convicted of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and death--while speeding lost control of vehicle, hit another vehicle--also given 3 year driving prohibition
R v Messervey [1991] NJ No. 380 (PC) Suspended offender was driving on a wet road at night, lost control of car on a turn--5 year driving prohibition
R v Butler (1987) 5 MVR (2d) 8 (PEISC) 3 years offender was passing several vehicles and hit one of them, killing three people

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