Canadian Criminal Procedure and Practice/Appendix/Readings

Further Reading


Annotated Codes, Digests and Reports

  • BC Decisions: Criminal Cases Canadian Criminal Cases Criminal Reports Canadian Abridgment: Criminal LawDigest Crankshaw's Criminal Code of Canada Canadian Criminal Cases Criminal Reports Criminal Law Partner (CD-ROM)
  • Martin’s Criminal Code
  • Supreme Court of Canada Decisions Supreme Court Reports
  • Tremeear's Annual Criminal Code Weekly Criminal Bulletin CLE’s Criminal Case Digest Subscription Service Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure

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a. Generally
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b. Search & Seizure
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Substantive Law

a. Generally
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b. Drinking and Driving
  • Impaired Driving and Driving Under Suspension – 2003. Vancouver: CLE
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c. Drugs
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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Canadian Rights Reporter. Markham: Butterworths.
  • Charter of Rights Annotated. Aurora: Canada Law Book (looseleaf).
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  • Criminal Law and the Charter – 2005. Vancouver: CLE, 2005.
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a. Witnesses
  • Mewett, Alan W., Q.C. Witnesses. Toronto: Carswell, (looseleaf).
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b. Jury Trials
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c. Appeals
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Youth Criminal Justice

  • Harris, Mr. Justice Peter, Youth Justice Act Manual. Aurora, Ontario: Canada Law Book (looseleaf).
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Use of Force by Police

  • National Study On Neck Restraints in Policing (June 2007) [1]
  • Police Interaction and its Relation to Arrest and Use of Force by Police [2]