California Public Policy and Citizen Participation/glossary

Brown Act
is a law that requires open government, public notice of meetings, and public comment at all public meetings at the county, district, and city level.
Emergency shelter
Any place where people or animals can take refuge during a crisis.
Primordial Wikipedia Article
(PWA) is an article on wikipedia which was copied, generally via the transwiki process. When dealing with highly technical matters such as science and law, wikipedia articles are not regarded as the best or most reliable source of information. Thus, the policy established on this wikibook is to indicate where information is based upon the PWA when it has not been independently verified.
Transwiki refers to copying pages from one wiki to another using the standardized method described below. For the sake of simplicity, the originating and target wikis are respectively called 'original' and 'remote'. The word transwiki was coined in late 2003 by Ray Saintonge (see [Wikipedia-l] Transwiki) and officially introduced to the MediaWiki codebase by Brion Vibber in mid-2005 as part of the Special:Import function (see change). The term is intended to avoid ambiguity with English words like transfer. SOURCE: