CS Command Line Tools - Setup Manual (wiki version)/Introduction

This manual explains how to install and setup CS Command Line Tools, so you can run any of these commands from any point in the command line. This manual is focused on DOS and Windows command line environments. Other OS environments may have equivalent or near equivalent commands but the command line tools for those will be different and the design philosophy of those tools may be different. Care should be taken to find out the differences between near equivalent command line tools if you are in a multi-OS environment.

First, you should download all the files you need from the sourceforge.net project named "CS Command Line Tools": http://sourceforge.net/projects/cs-cmdtools/. If you wish to install CS Command Line Tools you have to download the installer (cscltYYYY[MM]_ins.exe). Alternately you can download the companion compressed packages (cscltYYYY[MM]_pak.zip or cscltYYYY[MM]_pak.7z), which contains the same files as the installer. You should pay attention to the launch date of both the installer and the packages; you may need to download more tools or newer versions of some tools, as these packages only contain software made until that date.