CRE Loaded Features/Configuration


WARNING!!! Please note that this page contains information about which the writer is unsure - this is part of the process of writing CRE Loaded Features. Information that may be incomplete and possibly incorrect is denoted by an xxx.

Here you can set up many of the basic values pertaining to your website and your business. It is by far the largest menu section in CRE Loaded and also one of the largest in this book. If you find the Configuration section confusing don't worry, most options will only ever need to be set once and rarely altered.

My StoreEdit

Things that you can set-up in My Store include:

  • Contact details including the name of the store, owner of the store, address and phone number, e-mail addresses, country and zone. The name of the store's logo can also be set here.
  • Day to day running of the store you can specify where you want extra order emails to be sent and whether you want to use DHTML drop-down menus or the side panel when in admin.
  • Tax – how many decimal places to display and whether to include tax in prices or only at the checkout stage.
  • Presentation and shop behaviour including how products are sorted in lists and how the customer searches are dealt with. You can decide whether to switch to default language currencies. Displaying the cart after products are added, displaying featured products in the main page and displaying category descriptions can all be switched on or off.
  • Customer accounts settings – new account welcome gift voucher and coupon amounts and whether or not you want to allow guests to tell a friend.

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Minimum ValuesEdit

Things that you can set-up in Minimum Values include:

  • Customer registration minimums - character limits for personal details (names and addressess) and minimum dates of birth (i.e. the youngest that a customer can be).
  • Customer review minimums - lowest length in characters of customer reviews is set here.
  • Product lists minimums - for Best Seller, Also Purchased and X-Sell product lists which appear in various CRE Loaded boxes.

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Maximum ValuesEdit

Things that you can set-up in Maximum Values include:

  • Customer registration minimums - address book entries is the only maximum you can set here which relate to customer registration.
  • Browsing experience – choice of drop down list or list box for manufacturers.
  • Catalog - you can alter the maximum number of characters for Manufacturers Name.
  • Lists – various product box and main page lists. This includes product, manufacturer, category, review and search result lists.

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In CRE Loaded there are images everywhere - especially in the catalog. Anything settings that relate to pictures globally are kept here.

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Customer DetailsEdit

In order to keep you in control of what information goes into your customers' accounts the section exists.

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Global shipping and packaging will be kept in this section.

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Product ListingEdit

This section allows you to alter the way products are listed.

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E-Mail OptionsEdit

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GZip CompressionEdit

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WYSIWYG Editor 1.7Edit

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Affiliate ProgramEdit

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Site MaintenanceEdit

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