This book was created to collect pages about CLIL activities.

CLIL means Content and Language Integrated Learning: in other words it's a teaching method where a second language is used to teach other subjects.

Earth science edit

High School Earth Science

Plate Tectonics edit

Interesting video on Youtube edit

BBC Geography - Plate Tectonics (Evans Woolfe Media): breve ma ben fatto -

PLATE TECTONICS (BrainPop): cartone animato, ma carino

The Plate Tectonics Revolution: Crash Course Geography #19: bello anche se parla veloce (2021)

Continental Drift - (Mike Sammartano):

Plate Tectonics (Mike Sammartano): un po' datato ma ben fatto

Plate Tectonics Theory Lesson - Cary Graham: non recente ma chiaro

La teoria della tettonica a placche | Geografia di livello A | OCR, AQA, Edexcel - SnapRevise: più dettagliato di altri e recente (2021)

Volcanoes edit