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Server Administrator ExamEdit


Server Administrator skills are not product- or system-specific. They are a combination of minimal technical and non-technical skills and knowledge required for those interested in developing specific Internet skills as a Web Server Administrator. Skills measured in the 1D0-450 exam include but are not limited to:

Common IT services, focusing on hardware platforms and frequently used operating systems.Edit

TCP/IP configuration parameters, and Windows 2000 and Linux system configuration with static IP addresses.Edit

User access levels, password policies, and permissions based on standard practice and procedures.Edit

Management of users in Windows 2000 and Linux.Edit

Domain Name System (DNS) in Windows 2000 and Linux.Edit

Name resolution options for LANs and WANs, including the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and Samba.Edit

Internet services including FTP and Telnet, and control of access to these services.Edit

Web servers, including Microsoft IIS and Apache Server.Edit

Advanced Web server administration tasks.Edit

User-based access to Web servers.Edit

Limitation of access based on IP addresses.Edit

Functionality of a Web server, including Perl configuration and additional services.Edit

Web server connection to a database via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).Edit

Configuration and management of streaming media servers.Edit

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transactions.Edit

Management of news servers.Edit

Configuration and management of SMTP, IMAP and POP3 e-mail servers.Edit

Configuration and management of proxy servers and Internet servers.Edit

Server and service log analysis.Edit

System performance evaluation.Edit

Internal and external security risks.Edit