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Routing Information Protocol Edit

Overview of RIP Edit

Routing Information Protocol is a distance vector routing protocol. It transfers the complete routing table to all interfaces periodically and only uses hop count to determine the best path to a remote network.

Configuring RIP Edit

RIP is relatively simple to configure. The following is an example of how to configure RIP on a router.

Enter router configuration mode.

router#conf t

Turn on the RIP protocol

router(config)#router rip

Assign which networks RIP will advertise (this also has the effect of selecting which interfaces RIP will be active on)

router(config)#network x.x.x.x

When using the network x.x.x.x expression x.x.x.x will be the subnet to advertise. As RIP is a classful routing protocol this will need to take the form of a standard Class A,B, or C address e.g., or

Example Edit

Configure RIP to advertise the subnets and

router#conf t

router(config)#router rip



To turn off RIP

router#conf t

router(config)#no router rip

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