CA Unicenter NSM Textbook/Useful Links

CA Support Resources and DocumentationEdit

Obviously... The best place to go is to open Product Home Pages, then Unicenter Network and Systems Management in the drop down list. There are a number of links here but the most useful is the Latest Implementation CD, which has an excellent range of technical resource info, how to guides, and information about various obscure CA tools and utilities.

Unicenter Network and Systems Management: Working With Agents 3.1 This is pdf guide book available from CA that describes in detail the operation of the DSM and communication, and possible methods for configuring agents.

Diagnostics Guide The CA pdf Diagnostics Guide for Unicenter® TNG 2.4 Unicenter® Network and Systems Management 3.0 has an excellent guide to things to try and diagnose faults and problems.

Web Discussion GroupsEdit

Tek-tips maintain an active Unicenter newsgroup at: Tek-Tips. They also have newsgroups for many other CA products such as Brighstor/Arcserve

Apsion also have an active newsgroup for Unicenter users at: Apsion Unicenter Forum

SNMP ResourcesEdit

No one can really leverage this toolset without understanding SNMP.

Bytesphere technologies host a free MIB database online, where you can review or download almost 5000 MIB files. Bytesphere Technologies MIB Area