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CA Unicenter NSM Textbook/Unifstat

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unifstat unifstat -c *|component -u *|sub-component unifstat -c xxx lists status of a component only


unifstat displays all components unifstat -TRP show status of TRP service (catrapd)


Enterprise Manager, Common services, catrapd, OPR

When You Might Use ItEdit

Shows the status of enterprise management components as either ACTIVE or INACTIVE. When a component is disabled via EM settings, has been stopped or just crashed for no reason (as the TRP often does) the status shows as INACTIVE.

When diagnosing any EM related problem along with awservices status, this is one of top two commands to check what the problem might be. typically you would run unicntrl start all after finding your treasured component is not running anymore.

Component names include: SEC Security, RPT Reporting, SCH Scheduling, UNI Common (calendar), SCHM Workload manager, SCHA Workload agent, TRP catrapd

Other Related CommandsEdit

awservices, unicntrl

NSM Versions and Platforms ApplicableEdit

should be all hosts with EM installed

Possible Bugs and ChallengesEdit

can be hard to figure out relationship between a component, sub-component and how this can be started or stopped using unicntrl