Integrate enterprise disciplines to achieve secure solutionsEdit

Interpreting security requirements and goals to communicate with other disciplinesEdit


Network engineersEdit

Sales staffEdit

Provide guidance and recommendations to staff and senior management on security processes and controlsEdit

Establish effective collaboration within teams to implement secure solutionsEdit



Database administratorEdit

Network administratorEdit


Stake holdersEdit


HR- Human ResourcesEdit

Emergency response teamEdit

Facilities managerEdit

Physical security managerEdit

Explain the security impact of inter-organizational changeEdit

Security concerns of interconnecting multiple industriesEdit

Rules, policies and regulationsEdit

Design considerations during mergers, acquisitions and de-mergersEdit

Assuring third party products - only introduce acceptable riskEdit

Custom developedEdit

COTS – Commercial Off The Shelf SoftwareEdit

Network secure segmentation and delegationEdit

Integration of products and servicesEdit

Select and distinguish the appropriate security controls with regard to communications and collaborationEdit

Unified communication securityEdit

Web conferencingEdit

Video conferencingEdit

Instant messagingEdit

Desktop sharingEdit

Remote assistanceEdit




VoIP securityEdit

VoIP implementationEdit

Remote accessEdit

Enterprise configuration management of mobile devicesEdit

Secure external communicationsEdit

Secure implementation of collaboration platformsEdit

Prioritizing traffic (QoS- Quality of Service)Edit

Mobile devicesEdit

Smart phones, IP cameras, laptops, IP based devicesEdit

Explain advanced authentication tools, techniques and conceptsEdit

Federated identity management (SAML--Security Assertions Markup Language)Edit

XACML- eXtensible Access Control Markup LanguageEdit

SOAP-Simple Object Access ProtocolEdit

Single sign onEdit

SPML- Service Provisioning Markup LanguageEdit

Certificate based authenticationEdit


Carry out security activities across the technology life cycleEdit

End to end solution ownershipEdit

Understanding results of solutions in advanceEdit

Operational activitiesEdit



General change managementEdit

Systems Development Life CycleEdit

Security System Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) / Security Development Life Cycle (SDL)Edit

Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM)Edit

Adapt solutions to address emerging threats and security trendsEdit

Validate system designsEdit