C++ Programming/Code/API

What is an API?

To a programmer, an operating system is defined by its API. API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API encompasses all the function calls that an application program can communicate with the hardware or the operating system, or any other application that provides a set of interfaces to the programmer (i.e.: a library), as well as definitions of associated data types and structures. Most APIs are defined on the application Software Development Kit (SDK) for program development.

In simple terms the API can be considered as the interface through which the user (or user programs) will be able interact with the operating system, hardware or other programs to make them to perform a task that may also result in obtaining a result message.

Can an API be called a framework?

No, a framework may provide an API, but a framework is more than a simple API. By default a framework also defines how the code is written, it is a set of solutions, even classes, that as a group addresses the handling of a limited set of related problems and provides not only an API but a default functionality, well designed frameworks enable its interchangeability for a similar framework, striving to provides the same API.