Business Intelligence/Project charter

  • Purpose: Clearly identify the objectives of the BI project. The goals of the project must be made clear to the stakeholders.
  • Input: All documentation
  • Activities: Consolidate Documentation from planning stage
  • Outputs: Acceptance of project charter by frame stakeholders
  • Documentation: Project charter

It is assumed that a project proposal has been delivered and accepted. The next step is to develop a project charter. The project charter is usually a short document that refers to more detailed documents such as a new offering request or a request for proposal. The project charter establishes the authority assigned to the project manager. This is a project management tool used to define the scope, objectives and participants in a project. See wikipedia section on Project Charter or [1].


The purpose of the project charter is to document:

  • Reasons for Project
  • Objectives and constraints
  • Directions concerning the solution
  • Identities of the main stakeholders

Charter contentsEdit

The charter should contain:

  • Preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities
  • An outline of project objectives
  • Identities of the main stakeholders
  • Project manager's authority
  • References to important project documents


The three main uses of the project charter:

  • To authorize the project - using a comparable format, projects can be ranked and authorized by Return on Investment.
  • Serves as the primary sales document for the project - ranking stakeholders have a 1-2 page summary to distribute, present, and keep handy for fending off other project or operations runs at project resources.
  • As a focus point throughout the project - for example: project as people walk in to team meetings and use in change control meetings to ensure tight scope management.