Business Intelligence/Data extraction architecture frame

  • Purpose:
  • Input: Scorecard, KPI's, budgets, dimensions and data sources
  • Activities: Create data extraction architecture for frame
  • Outputs: Diagrams and explanations of data extraction architecture
  • Documentation: Data extraction and integration architecture and metadata

This step details the architecture for extracting the data from the source. Remember that data architecture identifies data sources used to populate the data warehouse, the structure of the data warehouse, the extraction of data from the data warehouse into data marts and how this data is then extracted and used by users or business units. Here we are building the integration metadata that shows the associations between the source systems and our data mart.

The data architecture will depend on the type and location of data sources. In his step we will examine a few example architectures. However, we should start with a few rules of thumb regarding the creation of the diagrams:

  • Begin by identifying all data sources
  • Next, one data mart for the frame must end the data architecture
  • All intermediate steps should be identified, including all data stores
  • The need to extract, transform and load should be identified between all data stores