Business English/Areas of English Proficiency

  1. Vocabulary: Passive and active vocabulary. Passive vocabulary is words that you understand. Active vocabulary is words that you use.
  2. Fluency: How fast you find words when speaking.
  3. Natural speaking patterns: Choosing the right word and the right word order.
  4. Written English: Formal grammar and spelling.
  5. Pronunciation: Speaking with the correct consonant and vowel sounds, and stressed syllables.
  6. Flow of speech: How fast to speak, when your voice should raise or lower in pitch or in volume, where to pause and for how long.
  7. Culture: Understanding and reacting appropriately to situations and expectations of English-speaking cultures.

Another way to divide the areas of language is the following:

  1. Listening (receiving oral messages)
  2. Speaking (giving oral messages)
  3. Reading (receiving written messages)
  4. Writing (giving written messages)