Building the Root 2 CNC Multitool Router

Building the Root 2 CNC Multitool Router is a guide to 3D printing parts, gathering parts, and assembling parts into a homebuilt CNC Multitool Router.

Root 2 CNC multitool router

We will look through the best materials and methods to use in printing the router. Variations of the CNC router how that affects which parts are needed. Some basic resources where the non-printed parts can be purchased cheaply. Then finally, the assembly and testing of the CNC router. In short this is to be a step by step guide to building the entire CNC router.

The Root 2 CNC Multitool Router was created by Pete Newbery otherwise known as sailorpete on thinkiverse. Stl files for the Root 2 CNC Router can be found on thingiverse on its project page.

Table of Contents edit

  1. Part 1: Introduction
    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. What Can the Router Actually Do?
    3. Bill of Materials and Estimated Costs
    4. Printing
    5. Where and what to Purchase of Non-Printed Parts
    6. Cutting Out the Base and Side Gantries
  2. Part 2: Building
    1. Assembly of X-Axis
    2. Assembly of Y-Axis
    3. Assembly of Z-Axis
    4. Wiring and Installation of the Electronics
    5. Assembly of the Spindle
  3. Part 3: Routing
    1. Calibration
    2. Software

Contributors edit

  • Original author Steven Orvis (November 2016)