Building Services


This book aims to explain the basics of building services, building services being all the things in modern buildings that we take for granted such as lighting, heat and sanitation. It is not an in-depth guide to any specific discipline therefore should be suitable for anybody that is interested in the subject to get a basic understanding without any prior knowledge. The book covers services in both individual domestic buildings and large industrial and commercial buildings. It should also be pointed out at this stage that building services are typically governed by strict building regulations, which vary between countries; these are outside the scope of this book. Finally, this book is for general information only, neither the authors nor WikiBooks will be held responsible for any issues arising from the use of this information.


Although we often take them for granted, most of us utilise a range of building services every day. From taking a hot shower in the morning to using the lift at work, without these vital services, buildings would be little more than a cave. This book is for anyone who has been interested in learning more about how these services work. Those studying building services may find this book of use although a proper textbook is probably more suitable as this only covers the basics.


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Refrigeration and air conditioning

Space heating

Hot water

Cold water

Wastewater and drainage

Electrical services

Vertical Transportation

Voice & data services

Fire protection