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Budget Watch Collecting/Watch battery interchange

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SR=Silver Oxide LR=Alkaline. Silver can always be substituted for Alkaline, with a longer life. In some applications alkaline will not substitute for silver.

Older batteries made a distinction between low drain and high drain. Modern quality batteries can be used for either.

*1.35v mercury battery, no longer made--Silver and Alkaline are 1.5v, usually work.

Note: If you've got more interchange information feel free to add it as plain text, someone will come and format it later.

AG silver alkaline Timex
AG0 379 SR521 LR521 JA
AG1 364 SR621 LR621 T
AG2 396, 397 SR726 LR726 N,V
AG3 392 SR41 LR41 K
AG4 377 SR626 LR626 BA,MA
AG5 393,309 SR754 LR754 C,F
AG6 371,370 SR920 LR920 Z
AG7 395,399 SR927 LR927 W
AG8 391 SR1120 LR1120 LA,L
AG9 394 SR936 LR936
AG10 389 SR1130 LR1130 M
AG11 362 SR721 LR721 S
AG12 386,301 SR43 LR43 D,H
AG13 357,303 SR44 LR44 A,J
343*, 344 SR42 B*