Flag of Brittany Brezhoneg Tri
The talisman, Paul Sérusier

Brezhoneg Tri

"Brezhoneg Tri" is the third level in the Breton language book. In this Beginner's course, students are introduced to simple vocabulary, how to structure a Breton sentence and some basic phrases for a simple conversation.
Pont Aven school, Paul Gauguin

Breizh o veva (Brittany alive)

Fest noz in Brittany


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Brittany is a Celtic country rich in its cultural heritage. Though long under the control of France and influenced by French traditions, Brittany has retained and, since the early seventies, revived its own folk music, modernizing and adapting it into folk rock and other fusion genres. Kan ha diskan (roughly translated as call and response singing) is probably the most common type of Breton vocal music, and is the most typical style to accompany dance music. It has become perhaps the most integral part of the Breton roots revival, and was the first genre of Breton music to gain some mainstream success, both in Brittany and abroad. Undoubtedly the most famous name in modern Breton music is Alan Stivell. Inspired by Stivell, a very large Breton scene grew up. It was a true revolution: hundred of bands, thousand of musicians, of Festoù-noz, etc. grew in the year after. Since then, a new scene of Breton songwriters appeared in Brittany (Nolwenn Korbell, Dom Duff, ...).

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