Breaking the Mold: An Educational Perspective on Diffusion of Innovation

Breaking the Mold: An Educational Perspective on Diffusion and Innovation Wikibook was created as part of a graduate course on Technology Diffusion, Leadership and Change (Curriculum & Instruction 511) taught at Iowa State University in fall 2012. It is a collaborative endeavor between instructor/editor and students/authors. Not only did they write this textbook collaboratively, but they worked together on all the elements that go into textbook development, such as the development of the table of contents, book cover, and title. This textbook also benefits from two interviews with well-known change agents and scholars in diffusion of innovation.

Cover designed by Kegeng Liu.

Special thanks goes to Ann Thompson, Iowa State University Professor and Peter Korsching, Iowa State Emeritus Professor who kindly agreed to join this collaborative effort and share their insights on diffusion of innovation; and to Janet Roberts who worked with the group to set up this Wikibook.

To reference this resource use: Correia, A.-P. (2012) (Ed.). Breaking the Mold: An Educational Perspective on Diffusion of Innovation. Wikibook/textbook, available at:

Contents edit

  1. Preface
    1. Contributors' Biographies
  2. Adoption and Diffusion Theories
    1. Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovations
    2. Ely's Conditions to Facilitate the Implementation of Educational Technology Innovations
    3. Brown’s Change by Design (Design Thinking)
    4. Fullan’s Educational Change
  3. Adoption Models
    1. Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology
  4. Innovation
    1. Defining Innovation
  5. The Change Agent
    1. Change Agents and Education
    2. An Interview with Ann Thompson
    3. An Interview with Peter Korsching
  6. Change Management
    1. Strategies to Diagnose and Overcome Resistance to Change
  7. Studies and Examples
    1. Adoption of 1:1 Laptops