Brahmin Tamil/Grammar7

The Imperative (2 nd p) Singular and Plural Forms of Verbs

The imperative Singular and Plural of Verbs
Infinitive Imp Sinfular Imp Plural
po, poo 'to go' (nie) po, (nier) pom (nienga(hl)) poongo(hl)
oodu 'to run' (nie) oodu, (nier) oodum (nienga(hl)) odungo(hl)
padi 'to read, study' (nie) padi, (nier) padium (nienga(hl)) padingo(hl)
nillu 'stand up, stop, wait' (nie) nillu (nier) nillum (nienga(hl)) nillungo(hl)
porrapadu 'get ready, start' (nie) porrapadu (nier) porrapadum (nienga(hl)) porrapadungo(hl)
vaa 'come' (nie) vaa (nier) vaarum \\ (nienga(hl)) vaango(hl)
iru 'be, stay, wait' (nie) iru (nier) irum (nienga(hl)) irungo(hl)
nada 'walk' (nie) nada (nier) nadaum (nienga(hl)) nadango(hl)/nadaungo(hl)
eduthuko 'you may take' (nie) eduthuko (nier) duthukum (nienga(hl)) eduthukongo(hl) eduthukungo(hl)

The negative imperative

The negative imperative forms are obtained from the infinitive form by removing the final -a and attaching -aadhe, aadheum, aadhengo / aadheungo / aadhungo:

Indha edam szuddham aa illei. Nier inge varaadheum, ange e irum ' This place is not clean. (Please) don't come here, (sir), Please stay there itself'.

Exercise 7 edit

Exercise 7.1: Translate into English:

1. Konjam irungo, ipo varen.

2. Nienga poongo, pooytu ange okaandh irungo.

3. En ei paathundu nikaadhe, pooy on veelei ei chei.

4. Ipo veelei szeia chollaadhengo, szaaptutu thaan szeiven. Adhu ku mun aale szeia maaten.

Exercise 7.2: Translate into Braahmik:

1. Go home. Study for your examination.

2. Stop ! Where are you going ?

3. Come here (and) read this book.

4. Don't go to play. Go home straight now