Brahmin Tamil/Grammar5

The infinitive form of some verbs can also serve as an adjective:

Nerreia (infinitive of nerrei (nerreiar, nereinj, nerreiuv) 'to fill up, fill to the brim'). As an adjective it means 'a lot of'

English verbs can be turned into a braahmik verb by placing the verb pahnnu after the English infinitive :

Arrange pahnnu 'to arrange'

The past participle of one or more verbs followed by another verb is a common construction, often translatable by a single word in English :

Vaangi thaa 'buy (for me), buy and give'

Eduthu kondu vaa (eduthundu vaa), kondu vandhu thaa 'bring'

Kuutindu poo 'accompany, escort'

Arrange pahnni vei 'keep smth. arranged' (ordinary)

Arrange pahnni vech iru 'keep smth arranged. (perfective)

Possessive Pronouns

Corresponding to the English possessive adjectives (mu, your, his, her, our, etc.), there are possessive pronouns (mine, yours, his, hers, ours, etc.)

In Braahmik too there are possessive pronouns corresponding to the possessive adjectives. These are given in the following table:

English Possessive
en, en oodu my endhu, en oodadhu mine
on, on oodu your (sg) ondhu, on oodadhu yours
om, om oodu your om oodadhu yours (hon)
avan, avan oodu his avandhu, avan oodadhu his
ava, avahl oodu her avahldhu, avahl oodadhu hers
avar, avar oodu his (hon) avardhu, avar oodadhu his/hers (hon)
adhu, adhu n oodu its adhu n oodadhu its
namma, nammahl oodu our nammahl oodadhu ours (incl)
enga, engahl oodu our engahl oodadhu ours (excl)
onga, ongahl oodu your ongahldhu, ongahl oodadhu yours )pl, hon sg)
avaa, avaahl oodu their avaahl oodadhu theirs (his, hers hon)
adhuha, adhuhahl oodu their adhuhahl oodadhu theirs (n pl)



Some exercises are given below to test one's understanding of Braahmik.

Exercise 5.1 : Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form corresponding to the word given in parentheses ( ) :

1.---- apaa office u ku pooraa. (my)

2. Nie ----- ----- ku epo varuve ? (my house)

3. Idhu ------ -----. (my house)

4. Idhu ----- ----- a ? (your book)

Exercise 5.2 : Translate into English :

1. Idh ei aathu ku eduthundu poo.

2. Eng apaa ku rendu thambihahl irukaa.

3. Nie pahna kaaran. On kite nerreia pahnam iruku.

4. Meeszei meele irukara pusthaham aar oodu pusthaham ?