Book of Magic/Coin Magic



Palming is a technique used in the performance of magic, wherein the performer secretly conceals one or more objects in their hand. Its use is prevalent in the field of coin magic.

The graphic below shows a human hand. The point at which the hand/fingers bend, are potential palming locations. In addition to the fingers and their respective joints, items are also palmed using the muscles in the palm of the hand.


A technique often referred to as "edge palming" can be achieved by holding a coin on its edge. There are also two areas between the bends that can hold coins in standard palm position. Palming is an art of hiding necessary items without the knowledge of others it can be used in most sleight of hand. Want to try? First, place a coin in the center of your palm and try to hold in by shrinking your fingers. Avoid folding your fingers at first, as doing so would make it obvious that you are holding something in your hand.

But... after a little practice you will be able to keep a neutral positioned palm and still can keep coins small balls inside the palm even without your knowledge,, I tried to keep coins in my hand for six to seven hours a day with out anybody knows even typing this I have a One dhs coin in my hand.