Book of Magic/Card Magic/Double Lift

Double Lift edit

The object of performing a Double Lift, is to pick up the top or bottom two cards as onecard only. . To do a Double Lift, hold the deck on the palm of the left hand with your fingers on one side and have the thumb on the other side. With either the little finger of your left hand or the index finger of your left hand,you can now casually count off the two top or bottom two cards for that matter. (Normally Its best and safer to use the little finger for counting.) Now bevel the deck across your finger tips or better stil, get a little fingertip break or separation between the the top or bottom two cards (after counting them), Thus separating the top or bottom two cards from the rest of the deck. You now have easy access to the two top or bottom cards. You now slide the two cards across the deck with the left thumb to the right, so that you can now move your right hand pick them up at the top corner, between the right thumb on top and forefinger below held firm, so you can correctly pick them up as ONE CARD.

The double-lift is a powerful technique in the hands of a magician. If performed with even a modicium of skill, it easily goes unnoticed even close up!It is usually used to fool spectators, by showing the the second card As the top card.