Book of Magic/Card Magic/Card Shuffling

Overhand ShuffleEdit

1. Hold the deck with the four fingers of the left hand on the front short side, and thumb at the rear. The right hand turns upward so it can receive the cards.


2. Approach the deck with the right hand, and grab it with the thumb at the top long side, and the fingers at the bottom. Keep hold of the deck with the left hand.


3. Move both hands apart so that the left hand is holding the majority of the cards and the right hand is holding a small stack. The left hand is the only hand that should move here.


4. Begin to move the left hand to the right and downwards so that the packet of cards in the right hand goes behind those in the left. The right thumb should contact the top of the lefthand packet as before.


5. Repeat the action of dropping a packet of cards into the right hand.


6. Repeat until all the cards are in the right hand



  • Keep the right forefinger on the front of the deck as you shuffle
  • Keep the right little (pinky) finger on the back of the deck as much as possible
  • Start off with only a small amount of packets shuffled (like two or three), and then gradually progress up to a large number of packets.