Bonsai/Potting a tree in training

If you acquired a young tree from a garden center or nursery, or if you have collected a yamadori, you will need to accommodate your tree in pot. Placing your tree in a beautiful, shallow, especially made bonsai pot may seem tempting at first, however It is recommended you plant your tree into a training pot first. This allows the tree to get used to a life in a container and will store more water. Just after repotting, enough water is very important.

  1. First, cut the tip off the larger roots, this encourages new growth. Don't take too much, or your tree can dry out.
  2. Because you removed some roots, and with that a part of the water supply, remove some foliage too. Don't cut anything you'll regret later - just about as much as you took away at the roots.
  3. Make sure your pot is large enough. If there are no water holes in the bottom, cut some out.
  4. Cover the water holes with mesh. This prevents the soil from falling out, lets air in and water out.
  5. Put a bit of soil in, about two centimeters is enough.
  6. Now place your bonsai in.
  7. While carefully holding your bonsai straight, fill in soil around the roots.
  8. Water your bonsai.