BlitzMax/User Guide/MaxIDE

The BlitzMax IDE is an application used for editing source code files and building projects. IDE stands for 'integrated development environment'.

The BlitzMax IDE operates very much like a text editor or word processor.

Getting started edit

Ok, time to compile and run your first program!

First, select New from the file menu or toolbar. This will create a new, empty source file for you to work with.

Next, enter the following little program:

'My first BlitzMax program
Print "Hello World!"

Now, its time to build and run: Select Build And Run from the Program menu. You should see the following output:

Building untitled1
flat assembler  version 1.51
3 passes, 2417 bytes.
Hello World!

Process complete

Congratulations! You've just created your first program!

What happens if there's an error in your program? Create a new source file and try the following program instead:

'My first bug!
rint "Hello World!" 'oops! Forgot a 'p'!

This program has an error in it - there is no such command as 'rint' so attempting to build this program will produce the following error:

When you return to the main source code window, the cursor will be placed at the line containing the error, allowing you to fix it.

This type of error is known as a compile time error, because the bug was detected by the compiler before you actually ran the program. However, the compiler cannot catch all possible errors - some errors are not apparent until your program is run. These kinds of errors are known as runtime errors. Here's an example of a program with a runtime error in it:

' My first runtime bug!
Local an_array[10]

For k=0 To 10
Print an_array[k]

If you run this, you should see the following error message:

Note how the pane on the right has also switched to the 'Debug' pane. This means your program is in 'debug mode', and by navigating through the debug pane you can inspect your programs variables.

The File menu edit

Menu Item Action
New Create a new source file.
Open Open an existing source file.
Open Recent Reopen a recently used source file.
Close Close current source file.
Close All Close all source files.
Save Save current source file.
Save As Save current source file under a different name.
Save All Save all open source files.
Next File Switch to next open source file.
Previous File Switch to previous open source file.
IDE Options Open the IDE options panel.
Project Manager Open the project manager panel.
Import BB Project Import and convert a BlitzPlus or Blitz3D project.
Print Print current souorce file.
Exit Close down and exit the IDE.

The Edit menu edit

Menu Item Action
Undo Undo most recent source file edit.
Redo Redo most recently undone source file edit.
Cut Cut selected text from current source file.
Copy Copy selected text from current source file.
Paste Paste text into current source file.
Select All Select all text in current source file.
Block Indent Indent the currently highlighted block.
Block Outdent Unindent the currently highlighted block.
Find Find text in the current source file.
Find Next Find next occurrence of text.
Replace Find and replace text.
Goto Line Go to a line in the current source file.

The Program menu edit

Menu Item Action
Build Build the current source file (or locked build file).
Build And Run Build and run the current source file (or locked build file).
Command Line Specify command line options for BlitzMax apps.
Step In debug mode, step over next program statement.
Step In In debug mode, step into next program statement.
Step Out In debug mode, step out of current block or function.
Halt Stop current build or program run.
Build Options:Quick Build Enable or disable quick builds. The quick build feature causes the compiler to only recompile modified files.
Build Options:Debug Build Enable or disable debug builds. Debug builds performing extra error checking at runtime, at the cost of some execution speed.
Build Options:Build GUI App Instructs BlitzMax to build a 'GUI' application. Disable this if you are building a lightweight, text-only applications.
Lock Build File Lock the current source file for future build and build and run operations. This can be useful if you have a multifile project and are editing several source files but only ever rebuilding one of them.
Unlock Build File Unlock the currently locked build file.
Synchronize Modules Perform an online update of all Blitzmax modules.
Build Modules Build any recently modified modules.
Rebuild All Modules Rebuild all modules from scratch.
Document Modules Rebuild module documentation.

The Help menu edit

Menu Item Action
Home Go to the help home page.
Back Return to previous help page.
Forward Advance to the next help page.
Quick Help Jump to command reference entry for command nearest cursor.
About BlitzMax Show information about BlitzMax and the IDE.