Identifiers are used to name constants, variables, functions and user defined types.

Identifiers start with a letter or underscore and can be followed by any combination of letters, digits or underscores. For example, the following are all valid identifiers:


Identifiers in BlitzMax are case-insensitive. This means that the identifiers hello, Hello and HELLO are all treated as the same identifier.

The following identifiers are reserved for use by the BlitzMax language, and can not be used as general purpose identifiers:

Strict Module ModuleInfo Framework
End Return Continue Exit Assert
Public Private
True False Pi Null Self Super
Byte Short Int Long Float Double Object String
Var Ptr VarPtr Chr Len Asc SizeOf Sgn Abs Min Max Mod
Shl Shr Sar Not And Or
New Release Delete
Incbin IncbinPtr IncbinLen
Include Import Extern EndExtern
Function EndFunction
Type EndType Extends
Method EndMethod
Local Global Const Field
Abstract Final
Rem EndRem
If Then Else ElseIf EndIf
For To Next Step EachIn
While Wend
Repeat Until Forever
Select Case Default EndSelect
Try Catch EndTry Throw
Goto DefData ReadData RestoreData