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Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Tutorial Links List

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This page includes a categorized list of Blender tutorials written or spoken in English. This is by no means a comprehensive list of tutorials, so adding links is encouraged. For tutorials that are not in English, please refer to the About page.

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General Blender InformationEdit

Blender Tutorial WebsitesEdit

This section includes links to websites that host multiple tutorials or provide links to other Blender tutorials. This section does not contain links to individual tutorials.

These sites include links to Blender tutorials on other sites

These sites include tutorials that use Blender versions prior 2.5.

Blender InterfaceEdit



Lighting, Shadows and RenderingEdit




Fluid SimulationEdit

Game EngineEdit

Python and PluginsEdit

Related ProgramsEdit

Blender WikiBooksEdit



Other ListsEdit

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This links list is language filtered and extended version of personal collection originally provided by IamInnocent. So if you looking for tutorials in other languages check this link at

If you want to add Blender tutorial link in some other language you can add it temporary on talk page. We will later made such WikiBooks in other languages too.

Thank you all who contributed to this nice and useful links collection! Feel free to add your name or link if you think you need to be mentioned here.