Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Scripts/md3 import

New Updated ImporterEdit

It would appear that there is a new importer which can import animations as well as texture coordinates. However the texture must be imported manually:


Script Name: MD3 Import 234

Author: PhaethonH

Version: 0009 (2004.10.23), 0004 (2002.03.07)

Tooltip: Import ID Software MD3 format.

Installs in: Script Menu: 'Import'

Included in Blender 2.42a: No

Licence: Copyright 2004 PhaethonH. Permission granted to use, copy, distribute, and modify, provided this copyright notice remains intact. Software is provided as-is, with absolutely no warranty of any kind.


Blender Version: 2.34

Python Version:



Bpy modules: ..Bpy data: ..Dependencies:

Usage guideEdit

Animation is not imported yet.

Textures and texture coordinates are not imported.