Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Scripts/md3 export

Script Name: MD3 Import 234

Author: Original By: Bob Holcomb, Modified By: Damien McGinnes

Version: 0.2 (2004.10.23)

Tooltip: Export to Quake 3 file format. (.md3)

Installs in: Script Menu: 'Export'

Included in Blender 2.42a: No

Licence: ??


Blender Version: 2.34

Python Version:



Bpy modules: ..Bpy data: ..Dependencies:

Usage guideEdit

Modified by Arsenij Vodjanov on 2 Feb 2005

This script currently only exports the MD3 mesh data, no animation or 'skeletal' system is included. Because this is still in development various MD3 features are to be added.

XReal MD3 ExporterEdit

An alternative script which supports animation can be found at the XReal project's page: