Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Modeling a Mug using Spinning and Extrusion

Start by deleting the default cube. In front view, Add a circle. Move the vertices around to form a backwards "L" shape. Select the vertex on the bottom left and go to Mesh-snap-cursor to selection. Then, in top view, select all the vertices and spin it 360 degrees. Then, select all verticies, hit wkey, and click remove doubles. Then, on one of the sides, select the middle face. Extrude it 0.7, and make an fgon with the three triangles on the side of the main part. Select the two squares on the top of the extrusion and extrude them to 1.82. then subdivide the inner part of the handle. Select the middle edges and move them up. Extrude the faces above into the base. Position the camera and add a level three light source. Render the model. You can add color, texture, or anything else.