Blender 3D: Game-making in Blender

Why Blender?

Yo Frankie! a game made in Blender by the Blender Foundation.

Blender is an incredible free software program, and puts animating and 3D modeling capabilities within the reach of those that would otherwise not be able to afford expensive game making software like Maya, or 3ds Max. Moreover, as proven with the release of 'Yo Frankie!' Blender is a formidable game-making program in its own right.

Unfortunately, very few of the available books, tutorials, etc. on Blender seem to be specific to the program's game making abilities. The purpose of this book is not to compete with existing Blender wikibooks such as Blender 3D: Noob To Pro despite the similarity of any content. The reason I am starting this book is to fill in the blanks left by other resources pertinent specifically to the making of games. In my life, I am a game making student and I am very much learning the ropes of the industry. I make no pretense about being an expert on Blender or game making in general, however it is my hope that other wikibook contributors will be instrumental in helping to expand this book and that my own knowledge will improve in the process.

I will add to this book as and when I have time. In the following sections I've listed the topics which I feel should be covered. If you have knowledge regarding any of these, contributions are always welcomed. If I feel something can be improved I may alter it, or I may delete anything I think is out of place or irrelevant however.

Writing code is my weakness so contributions to Python scripting are especially welcomed!


3D Modelling techniques for games


Python Scripting & Logic