• Part Four: Genomics
    1. Whole Genome Assembly
  • Part Five: Gene Expression
  • Part Six: Protein Structure
  • Part Seven: Proteomics
  • Part Eight: Metabolomics
  • Part Nine: Metagenomics
  • Part Ten: Biological sequences and biological diversity
    1. Chemical diversity, arising from sequence diversity, allows biological diversity
    2. How biological complexity is expressed in genomic differences
    3. Biological sequence data indicate a common ancestor for all living things
    4. Unique features of biological sequences derived from extremophiles
    5. The genetic origins of oxygen adapted life, mitochondria and chloroplasts
    6. The genetic origins of multi-cellularity
    7. A living species is defined as much by genetic diversity as by the genome of any particular individual
    8. How genetic variability within a species allows for speciation
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