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Revelation: Verse by Verse Commentary edit

The Christian Bible is divided into two major sections: the Old Testament, which predates Christianity and consists of the Jewish scriptures, and the New Testament, written early in the Christian era. Revelation is the last document ("book") of the New Testament, and therefore of the Bible as a whole. The Revelation Commentary consists of the text of Revelation divided into short passages, with each passage being accompanied by historical and/or interpretive notes. There are various interpretations of Revelation, and this is reflected in the commentary, with different, even contradictory, interpretations appearing side by side. The reader is thus able to compare the text with differing interpretations and draw his or her own conclusions.

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Introduction: Methods of Interpretation – Authorship - Date of Writing - Literary Elements

Outline of Revelation: A chart showing the events of Revelation in the manner and in the order that they appear in the text

Chapter 1: The Prologue – John’s Vision of Christ

Chapter 2: The Messages to the Churches at Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, and Thyatira

Chapter 3: The Messages to the Churches at Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea

Chapter 4: John’s Vision of the Throne of God – The Four Creatures around the Throne

Chapter 5: Only the Lamb Is Found Worthy to Open the Book of Judgment – A Multitude Worships Christ in Heaven and on Earth

Chapter 6: The First Six Seals

Chapter 7: 144,000 Are Sealed – A Great Multitude before the Throne of God

Chapter 8: The Seventh Seal – The First Four Trumpets

Chapter 9: The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets

Chapter 10: The Angel with the Little Book – John Eats the Little Book

Chapter 11: The Two Witnesses – The Seventh Trumpet

Chapter 12: The Woman Clothed with the Sun – Satan Is Cast Down to the Earth – Satan Persecutes the Woman

Chapter 13: The Beast from the Sea – The Beast from the Land

Chapter 14: 144,000 Virgins – The Announcements of the Three Angels – The Son of Man Reaps the Harvest – The Grapes of Wrath

Chapter 15: The Sea of Glass – Seven Angels Appear with the Seven Last Judgments

Chapter 16: The First Six Bowl Judgments – Preparation for the Battle of Armageddon – The Seventh Bowl

Chapter 17: Babylon the Great – The Angel Explains the Vision of Babylon the Great

Chapter 18: The Fall of Babylon the Great – The World Mourns for Babylon – The Completeness of Babylon’s Destruction

Chapter 19: A Great Multitude Praises God – The Marriage of the Lamb – The Heavenly Army – The Beast and His Army Are Defeated

Chapter 20: Satan Is Imprisoned for a Thousand Years – The First Resurrection – The Final Confrontation between Good and Evil – The Last Judgment

Chapter 21: A New Heaven and Earth – The New Jerusalem – The City’s Walls, Gates, and Foundations – The City’s Inhabitants

Chapter 22: The New Jerusalem (cont.) – Epilogue (Final Observations and Exhortations) - Benediction

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