Biblical Studies/Christianity/Christianity and the world's religions

This title speaks volumes: Christianity and the world's religions, the suggestion that Christianity is different from World Religions. It is. Fundamentally different, in its focus. The focus is on the person of Christ. This Jesus Christ who came to Earth to offer man salvation. A salvation not based on goodness, moral teaching or good behaviour. It is based not on Jesus's great teaching, which most acknowledge as sound, but on his work on the cross.

No religion offers the believer perfect salvation. Others offer good codes, practices, rituals, teachings and wisdom. But none offer God himself, present in the believer's life through the Holy Spirit of God. Some offer an approach to God, through prophets or good teachers. However the eternal concept of "Christ in me," the hope of glory, is alien, to other religions.

There is much to write on the differences between the religions of this world.