Biblical Studies/Christianity/Christian Theology/Existence of God

Does God Exist? That is the principal question of theology.

There are several arguments attempted to prove the existence of God.

  • Cosmological

"The existence of God, as a First Cause, from the effects seen in the world" (James Boyce). One may look around and observe reality, energy, matter, etc. and conclude that there must be a cause for the reality, energy, matter, etc. a Supreme Being.

  • Ontological

The ontological argument was developed by Anselm: "Something than which nothing greater can be thought so truly exists that it is not possible to think of it as not existing"

  • Teleological

Also known as Intelligent Design, the argument assumes that for there to be order, there must be a creator. The alternative is often referred to as the "Tornado in the Junkyard"

  • Biblical

From a literal viewpoint, in Genesis 1:1, the existence of God is assumed.