Biblical Studies/Christianity/Christian Theology/Character of God

The Bible claims that God made mankind in His own image in Genesis 1:26. This does not equate that men are in the image of God and not women, as can be seen in Genesis 1:27, but rather that all of humanity possesses the Imago Dei.

Christian theology strictly anthropomorphizes God as having a personality. Sometimes God is extremely angry and must kill whole towns; at other times, God appears infinitely compassionate. His human son, Jesus, is more renowned for compassion. The Bible does not record Jesus as having issued capital justice while on Earth.

  • Love for humankind
  • Incapable of evil, being bound by His character which itself gives definition to goodness
  • Perfectly just
  • Shows emotion
    • Sorrow for mankind's folly and sinfulness
    • Happiness when people repent
    • Anger for mankind's rebellion against his commandments
  • Has mercy on those who repent and believe in Him
  • Does not lie