Beginning Java/Machine Setup

Before you begin to make Java programs, you must first set your system up, this chapter will teach you how to install the necessary program.

IDE edit

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a program that provides a streamlined way to make programs. There are a few advantages to using an IDE to make programs. The two that are of most concern to the beginner are:

  • Easier to use - There is no need to worry about things like environment variables, just install and you can run right away. And when you start programming, to run the programs simply click a button rather than typing in command prompt.
  • Automatic error checking - as you program, if you make an error then the program will underline any errors you make, such as making a typo.

The following sections will take you through the installation of the two most popular IDEs. Both are free to download and use and either are a fine choice to use.

Netbeans edit


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Eclipse edit


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